Maya's Healing Hands Therapy Room


We are a cozy professional massage salon based at the heart of Dunstable offering highly personalized remedial holistic treatments, making use of a wide variety of massage techniques and healing modalities.

If it is a classic, sports or a deep tissue massage, or a healing relaxing treatment that you need, we will make it a unique, made-to-measure experience.


Maya is a founder of the salon, a dedicated therapist and healer,

teacher, mentor and a Body-Mind Coach.

She has work experience at internationally recognized Spa in Slovakia, also worked for a network of 5* hotels in central London during 2012 Olympics, and had her mobile practice for a few years.

She started learning about the magic of alternative medicine in a renowned Spa town where she found a base for her holistic approach towards human body, and never stopped learning since.

Her biggest aim in life is to find a perfect balance between scientific progress and traditional healing methods that have been here for thousands of years to improve people’s lives.

Maya's Superpower: 

Body-Mind Coaching is an embodied conscious conversation, that helps you understand your own body and it's pains and ailments, helping you find clarity and find the roots of real physical discomfort. This brings more ease and empowerment into your life, teaching you tools to lead a happier, more balanced life, where you are more in charge of your own health and wellbeing.  


Is your bubbly holistic pixie. After countless years of exploring the world of health and wellness, she has finally stepped into her own power and launched her own career at Maya's Healing Hands. 

She has embraced the opportunity and on top of her ''normal'' qualification,she has been diligently studying the Maya technique, which brings her treatments to a whole new level.

She is not scared of good pressure, and you might feel her massage the next day, but she will get those knots. 

Lucia's Superpower:

Enhanced Remedial Massage is your old good Swedish style massage, but with elements of accupressure, reflexology, lymphatic drainage or Thai massage, your whole body reaps so much more benefit with each and every one of your sessions. You can choose to have an intesive focussed session on one main area, briefly run through the whole body, or have a nice detailed full body session.


Is your go to guy for all your sports massage and deep tissue needs. He has experience working with athletes and Football clubs, and he is a keen sports enthusiast himself.

He will always assess your individual situation and your needs, keep checking on your comfort and wellbeing throughout the massage, and provide valuable aftercare advice following your treatment.

Nat's clients appreciate him for being very professional, but friendly and aproachable at the same time. He has gained his experience in UK, America and Italy, so he is definitely an interesting therapist to work with.

Nathaniel's Superpower:

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage helps your body drain the lactic acid off your muscles after workout, helps your body recover faster after a strain and allows you to get back into your training regime sooner.

A deep tissue massage is a first choice for the muscular people who get loads of wear and tear, manual workers and active people who give their muscles a hard time quite often, or those who do quite a lot but neglect their massage regime. Can be quite painful, and the next day you might feel like after a workout.