Classic Swedish Massage

First aid for your whole body. It helps relax the tense muscles, flushes toxins out of your organism, stimulates blood circulation and improves the immune system.

Full Body Classic Massage     90 min    £55

An Hour of Classic Massage   60 min   £40

Deep Tissue Massage

First choice for the muscular people who get loads of wear and tear, manual workers and active people who give their muscles a hard time quite often, or those who do quite a lot but neglect their massage regime. Can be quite painful, and the next day you might feel like after a workout.

Full Body Deep Tissue            90 min    £55

An Hour of Deep Tissue          60 min    £40

Sports Massage

Helps your body drain the lactic acid off your muscles after workout, helps your body recover faster after a strain and allows you to get back into your training regime sooner.

Full Body Sports Massage     90 min      £55

An Hour Sports Massage       60 min     £40


By creating vacuum we are literally sucking the poisons out of your body. You will be left with bruises for a couple of days, but the feeling afterwards is definitely worth it.

Dry Cupping Therapy        45 min     £40

Foot Reflexology

Your feet can tell you about your health. Every part of your body has its reflex zone on your foot, and by applying pressure onto these points of your body ‘’map’’, we are indirectly stimulating organs themselves without having to to be able to see or touch them.

Foot Reflexology                45 min      £40

Hot and Cold Stone Massage

A favorite thermo-therapy. On the top of classical massage strokes, you are enjoying the benefit of a long lasting heat penetrating deeper into your muscles. Amazing for short winter days or our summery rainy ones.

Hot Stone Massage           60 min      £40

Indian Head Massage

Very soothing and rebalancing treatment that loosens up your whole upper body. Also your individual energetic picture is taken into consideration, and the treatment is done with oils most suitable to your personal needs

Indian Head Massage        50 min      £40

Body Mind Coaching

Our body holds answers to all your questions and challenges. You could call it a gut feeling, or intuition, but it is always your first initial bodily reaction to all new situations and events.

When our brain gets involved, sometimes we end up making too many decisions against our body's needs and desires, which can often lead to tension, friction and physical discomfort.

BodyMind Coaching is an honest embodied conversation, that leads you to your own answers, and helps you live more alligned life that supports your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Every Body Mind Coaching agreement starts with your free discovery call, where we get to meet and greet via Zoom, assess your situation, and find out if we are a perfect match to work together, and if so, pick the right container to support you on your journey to a happier and more fulfilled life.

BodyMind Discovery Call   45 min    FREE

Totally Personalised

If you would like to combine a couple of therapies into a fully personalised treatment package, please get in touch to find out about your best treatment plan and quote.

Reiki Energy Healing (Distance)

Chinese call it CHI, Indians call it PRANA, in Japan they call it KI. Rei-Ki is a healing method that channels ever-present universal energy through the chakras that have been working a bit slow, which might cause imbalance in our organism.

Rei-Ki energy Healing                   60 min     £40

*All the energy healing sessions are done in a form of distance healing at the moment.

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Rahanni Celestial Healing (Distance)

New age healing modality that literally means ''Of One Heart''. It is a gentle, yet very effective therapy that heals on heart level, not only physical discomfort and pain, but also troubles of mind and soul.

Rahanni Healing                         50 min       £40

*All the energy healing sessions are done in a form of distance healing at the moment.

Angel Tarot Reading

Most of us find it easier to search for solutions to our problems outside rather then within. We usually hold all of the answers to our questions deep within, but asking the angels for guidance makes it so much easier to connect with the message we need to get right now

Ask to pick a card as a part of your treatment :-)