About Maya's Healing Hands

The salos has been offering highest quality massage treatments and holistic therapies since 2012, when it was launched to provide a next level of treatments for people of Bedfordshire. The menu has been carefully tailored by blending 12 different massage techniques and a handful of healing modalities into a personalized made to measure treatments.

We are bringing you the standards and care of a luxury spa and 5 star hotels in central London right at your doorstep, with personal and friendly aproach. Our aim is to help you feel at home in your own body.

The Treatment Menu

Full Body Treatment - £55  (90 minutes)

First aid for your whole body. It helps relax the tense muscles, flushes toxins out of your organism, stimulates blood circulation and improves the immune system. 90 minutes give you enough time to work on all the areas of concern in great detail, and is a perfect relaxing option, as you get to switch off properly.

One Hour Treatment - £40 (60 minutes)

An hour  One hour is enough to quickly run through the whole body, or work on the most crucial areas in more depth. These sessions are ideal if you have your massage quite regularly, so you only need good maintenance, or if you want to focus on a particular problem in greater detail.

Sports Massage - £55  (90 minutes)

                             - £40  (60 minutes)

Helps your body drain the lactic acid off your muscles after workout, helps your body recover faster after a strain and allows you to get back into your training regime sooner. In sports massage, it makes a difference if you are looking to prepare for a race or recovering after an event or a workout, so speak to your therapist to get your perfect treatment plan tailored to your needs.

What Do People Say?

Richie: I had an amazing massage from Maya and it was so refreshing. I’ve never experienced such warmth and comfort from any masseuses but from her. Totally recommend Maya’s awesome healing hands, she will work her magic for you. x

Baljit: The hot stones massage just melts my body! I think Maya provides an excellent overall service and I always learn something new from her :)

Ron: Maya, as always you have made me float into a state of total relaxation and well being. Thank you. I cannot recommend enough. Folks, I say this every time, treat yourself, come and see Maya and you'll keep coming back.

Lea: After massage or just a chat, you will always leave smiling and relaxed :-x

Jonathan: I went to Maya’s healing hands last month, a fantastic therapeutic environment with truly beneficial results. A wide range of treatments to get you in shape. My fav is the Swedish massage!!!! Thanks Maya.

Kevin: Love the treatment keep up the good work see you soon

Danielle: thank you so much, you have really helped me through difficult times, not just though your amazing treatments but through your kindness and good advice. would recommend you time and time again. thank you again Danielle.

Andrea: The nice atmosphere, always happy and smiling Maya and her healing hands are the best one can do for having a nice and relaxing day!

Gerry: Great massages but you need to book early as Maya is always booked up well in advance

Rory: This was my first massage for about 2 years. As a first visit, I selected a 90 minute Swedish massage. Maya found the issues in my back - as a desk worker I do not always sit well. Immediately afterwards I knew where she had been working. Now, the next day, I can still feel all that she did. But I am feeling a lot better for it. Good value too.

Jack: Couldn't have a better service, it is great how Maya deliver her treatments to you, she's always ready to listen to you and what your needs are!! Can't recommend better in Dunstable!

Harper: Maya's massages are lovely, just like herself. Her treatment room is nice, cosy and warm.

Martine: I have many a massage in my life trying to help with ongoing back conditions. This was by far the best ever. Maya is amazing and the setting is beautiful and relaxing. Highly recommend


Amazing massage, one of the best I've ever had

And What Do You Say?

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