Buddy Up

Buddy Up

''Buddy Up'' to make sure you stick with your selfcare goals.

Do you feel like you always have the best intention to take good care of yourself, but in the end you end up overworking yourself to the state of a burnout before you take some essencial steps towards the maintenance of your beautiful body?

You are more likely to stick with your goals if you have an Accountability Buddy.

How to use the offer to your best advantage:

1.) Pick a friend or bring your partner along to initial taster session where you both receive an initial consultation plus 15 minute focus session and launch your Buddy Membership. (£15/each)

2.) You book your first full session (either together or on separate dates), no longer that one week apart. (Both of you saving 10% OFF the regular price)

3.) Enjoy your new healthy habit of a regular selfcare and benefits of a Buddy Card

Your Buddy Card gives you an advantage of a  10% discount on you treatments, however if one of you doesn't use their card for more than 3 months, the membership will be postponed and both of you will return to the normal price range. You can get going again though, and your Buddy discount can be applied again as soon as you both have a treatment in the same week. Good luck, and enjoy your new healhy life ;-)

How To Make The Most Of It

Talk to your friend about their and your goals, so that you can support each other and check your progress together.

If you know each other's schedules, you can book each other surprise treatments after a tough week, or presents for special days.

Get more buddies. You can make a day out of it, have some friends over and have a pamper day at yours with your ''Buddy Discount''. You know they would love you for it ;-)

How To Stick with It

Choose the same day of the week, so it is easier for you to remember and plan ahead.

Always book the next appointment after you have had one, otherwise you lose the track of time easily and end up missing out.

Put it in your diary straight away. If it's on the paper, it is really happening. If not, you are more likely to forget, mess up and feel bad about it in the end.

What Is The Best Time

The initial taster session is 30 minutes, where you get the idea about what needs to be done and how frequently you need your treatment.

60 minute treatment is generally a good time to work on a few key areas, if what you need is a thorough deep relaxing treatment, then 90 minute might be your choice.

If you have had issues for a longer time, you would do well with a couple of months of weekly treatments, however if you just need ''maintenance'', you will be just fine with a monthly or fortnightly session.