Corona Updates

Our Promise To Keep You Safe In Our Treatment Room

We can now safely reopen the salon and offer you your favourite treatments, with certain rules and procedures in place of course:

Your bookings will now happen online, you will be able to pick a treatment you need, the therapist you would prefer, or take a slot with anyone that is available on your preferred day.

The payments will also be done via PayPal at the time of booking for the foreseeable future, at least until the Covid-prevention rules relax a little bit.

You will be asked to wash your hands upon your arrival or sanitize them with alcohol based sanitizer provided.You can find sanitization stations downstairs at the main entrance, in the bathrooms, and at the treatment roo.

Please arrive alone, or with a maximum of one person, who will be asked to stay outside the treatment room to limit the amount of people to two at any time.

You can expect us to wear face shields or face masks and protective aprons during your treatments, and you are encouraged to wear a face covering upon your arrival in common areas, however you won't be required to wear it during your treatment, while the room will be well ventilated and sanitzed repeatedly throughout the day. 

We are not able to offer you head and face treatments yet, and the talking time during treatment will be limited to minimum to prevent unnecessary airborne particles spreading.

All the soft furnishings have now been replaced by new seating that can be cleaned and sanitized between the treatments, all the surfaces are regularly cleaned throughout the day, and the bathrooms are currently being refurbished to offer you a safe place to wash your hands before and after your treatment.