Rei-Ki Healing


Chinese call it CHI, Indians call it PRANA, in Japan they call it KI. Rei-Ki is a healing method that channels ever-present universal energy through the chakras that have been working a bit slow, which might cause imbalance in our organism.


Rei-Ki energy Healing 90 min £35


Rahanni Celestial Healing


New age healing modality that literally means ''Of One Heart''. It is a gentle, yet very effective therapy that heals on heart level, not only physical discomfort and pain, but also troubles of mind and soul.


Rahanni Healing 50 min £35





Indian Head Massage


Very soothing and rebalancing treatment that loosens up your whole upper body. Also your individual energetic picture is taken into consideration, and the treatment is done with oils most suitable to your personal needs


Indian Head Massage 50 min £28

Angel Tarot Reading


Most of us find it easier to search for solutions to our problems outside rather then within. We usually hold all of the answers to our questions deep within, but asking the angels for guidance makes it so much easier to connect with the message we need to get right now


Ask to pick a card as a part of your treatment :-)

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